Eye Candy- Clouds as pictures

Wordle: What Teachers Know




Big Huge Labs for educators

Viewing Rm.

"I Need My Teacher to Learn 2.1" (YouTube, student created)
Ken Robinson: Changing Education's Paradigms (TED talk)


Xtranormal avatar generator animation tool (Ciarivino)
Cartoon generator (Mooney)
Classroom wikis (Powell)
Voicethread (LIn)
Moodle (Freund and Schneider)

What did you learn over the break?
What new technology entered your life over the holidays?
Think, pair and share the joys and frustrations.
How will you use it to improve your teaching or working life?

Bring it on
Share with group a new technology you used and how it can be transferred to the classroom. Discussion of how new technologies can work with established curriculum.
What are the challenges?
What's the learning curve?


Gaggle workshop coming Thurs., Jan. 27 during planning periods in media center lab

Livebinders AASL Best Websites for Education
Do you recognize any of these?
Ten Takeaway Tips for Project Based Learning
Tuesday Tech Training
ipad accessories

Goal setting – what do we want to learn?
Outreach – what do we do with what we’ve learned here?
Explore – "Sandbox Time"
Promote - how do we build momentum?

Reflection question: How do we build momentum and keep people trying new things?