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Mix and Mash @ Your Library

Mon. Social Networking and Teens
Tues. Digital Art Hanging and digital music
Wed. Gaming in your library
Thurs. All things FILM
Fri. Digital books, books trailers and books into movies
All week long -- original music by students for bells, Teen Tech announcements

Faculty sharing

What are your favorite go-to tools for using video in the classroom?


Flip cameras in the classroom

"Sandbox Time"

Here at school, Flips have been used for filming student-written soap operas, dance and physics collaborative project, mystery plays, social studies movie, introduction of a new class in Hawk's Nest, and filming a student written play.

Outreach – what do we do with what we’ve learned here?
Goal setting – what do we want to learn next time?
Promote - how do we build momentum?
Reflect - What can we do to encourage teachers to try new technologies?