Agenda for April 6, 2011

The Cloud

What does a cloud center look like? IBM Opens Cloud Data Center in Research Triangle, Data Center Knowledge, Feb. 4, 2010
Cloud computing explained from HighT3chDad from GoGrid
The Cloud: Battle of the Tech Titans from Businessweek , March 3, 2011
Need more? Cloud computing from Wikipedia
Even more? Web 2.0 Expo conference musings with experts
Amazon Web Services

Google Docs Netflix Amazon Facebook Twitter
We've asked Ms. Latta to share with us a collaborative class project on literary criticism using Google docs slideshow.
Ms. Lin will share using Google docs form to collect data for polling.
Crocodoc HTML5 product that allows you to annotate on top of documents, powerpoints, and pictures (pdf, doc/docx, ppt/pptx, png, and jpg.)

Google Apps
Google Apps and Bloom's Taxonomy (Kathy Schrock)

New social media guidelines What are they all about?

TwitterHashtags (or pounding)shovel-md.png

What is it?
What does that hashtag stand for?
Another way to look up that hashtag at

Who do I follow?
What if I want to see what's happening right now with a particular hashtag?
Can I have my own hashtag?Twitter

How do I set my phone up to tweet for backchannel discussion.
Twiducate - the Twitter for educators

New stuff we found on the internet

Cool Tools for Schools wiki
Clearinghouse of tools for collaboration, presentation, video, slideshow, research, etc. This is a great resource site for new widgets.
Screencast-a-matic Online screencast recorder (if you forgot your Interwrite)
Skitch (for Mac) Similar to above, but for Macs.

Thinking about education

Sharepoint for reading and writing resources here at NG
The Fisch Flip
Dale Eizenga on the Flip in his math classroom.

Ebooks and Kindles and Nooks, oh my!!

The e-book goes to school A LiveBinder file from Buckhorn High School with loads of resources for using Nooks in the classroom

I'm always sad to see our meetings end, as I learn so much from what you are doing in the classroom. Thanks to David for presenting the 9th grade book choice and to Traci for sharing a great project on Google Docs and to Jessica for sharing Google forms. It really helps to hear from a teacher, who's worked out the kinks. You are all amazing. I'd love to release Twitter as there are so many educational uses for it. Also, kudos to Kim, the Mistress of Cupcakes. - Pat