Welcome back to a great year!

Tech Team/MTA Organizational Meeting 2011-12
Sept. 29, 2011

New Motto?
My son introduced me this summer to the Nerdfighters (I know...I'm all out of date). These two brothers, one a very popular young adult novelist, have a saying that I feel the Tech Team could adopt:

external image Dftbahand.gifDFTBA (Don't Forget To Be Awesome)

Then he introduced me to having my own YouTube channel (and all those features) and I suddenly felt like one of those parents that this site is designed for -- Google's Teach Parents Tech

Maybe that's because I remember the typewriter and the first computers in schools. Andy Rooney, who just retired, shares his thoughts about technology.


New (to me) tools
Newswordy -- buzz word of the day that is filling up the blogosphere, Twitterverse, and other pundit chat.

Embedit and other tools that make life easier online from this article by Joyce Valenza

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GCS Technology Integration for curriculum facilitators and media specialists

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