Faculty sharing- Think about the use of all kinds of technology in your classroom.
When did technology "crash and burn" for you?

Discussion about projectors going out and not having any sort of backup -- overheads, tvs. Turnaround to get bulbs replaced is not immediate.
When did technology work "like a dream" for you?

Architecture- how will we learn in this group?

Dates for meetings?
Wed. after school in media center. Once a month, after we get started. Next meeting, Wed. Dec. 8
Monthly themes?
Yes. Next month,we will be looking at podcasting and digital storytelling tools (Voicethread, Photostory, etc.) We like the idea of a theme, sandbox time and perhaps a virtual speaker.
Naming the group?
See PollDaddy. Don't forget to vote or suggest.
Will visit at later date

Goal setting – what do we want to learn?

Brainstorm topics
See list but also
Interwrite pads - integrating with history or English
Podcast and Voicethread
Digital storytelling
Polling tools

Building a school database of experts- what teacher/staff leadership do we already have in the building?
Use a poll or email? Everyone may not want to participate.

Where do we want to go with technology in this school? What should we be purchasing?
Interest in Nooks, SmartBoards over Interwrite pads. County cell phone policy discussion. Problems with getting annoucements to kids without TVs. I spoke to Tech folks this morning who said it would cost quite a bit per classroom to put cable TVs in this building. Look at othe alternatives.
How can we restructure what we have (space, equipment, time) to serve our needs?
Social Studies and Foreign Language lab space. Too small? Computers need repair. Small format doesn't help teacher as no one can supervise. Can't all these computers be put in one space to create another lab?

Outreach – what do we do with what we’ve learned here?

How do we promote continuous learning and sharing?
PLC reps. share at meetings
How do we redesign lessons to better integrate technology?
To come
Minutes and Slideshares.
Visit us here often with your ideas.

Explore – "Sandbox Time"

Pick 3 from Top 25 sites of 2010 from Tech & Learning or share something you've used with your students and found successful. Explore and share.
Will return to meeting having reviewed 3 or bring another powerful program you've been using.

Promote - how do we build momentum?

Verbal encouragement/promotion in the building?
Homemade Geek Award for teachers trying new technologies in their classroom. Criteria?
Tech Teacher of the Month. Asked Ms. V to "brand" us.

Promote teacher projects in blog? wiki? web page?
How can we get these folks in front of everyone?


Wimba online meeting for followup
Wiki response
Please post your responses to meeting here on this document or on the separate response page.