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Today's topic: Digital storytelling and Podcasting

  • Podcasting with SnapKast, Audacity, ThinQEd and iTunes
  • Using your Interwrite pad to screencast lessons. This is a great tutorial and we have all the things we need to make this work. If your pen is not working, you can still screencast using your mouse when Interwrite pad is in Record and Playback mode.

Use podcasting/screencasting for:
-anything you would do with a Powerpoint
-reteaching a lesson
-training videos for peers
-narrate a tour for parents
-video collection of exemplary work
-students teach a concept instead of teacher
-students read poetry or writing with visuals they create or find
-book talk
-any assignment where you would read/write -- try read/write on the web by writing in audio/video

Goal setting – All team members take one of this week's tools and try in your classroom. Create a wiki, make a Photostory, use digital storytelling, use your Interwrite pad to do a screencast, make a podcast. Bring to share with team next meeting after Christmas break and talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.

Outreach – Sharing with your PLCs- pull up this wiki and share with staff members in your PLC.
Share upcoming changes in Windows 7, Office 10, request form, social media guidelines, your role as an ombudsman, new technologies you'd like to explore, and any of the technologies we've shared so far.

Explore – "Sandbox Time"

Promote - how do we build momentum?

Reflect - where do we find time to learn new techniques