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Productivity Tools for Teachers


Lync A teacher's IM with online meeting tools.

Customize your Lync account.
Schedule a quick conversation with colleagues individually or as a group.
Use a mike and headset and talk to each other.
Use the Share button to share your desktop, powerpoints, a white board, a program, a poll or other recent activity.
Even share one desktop/white board with several people making changes/comments/drawings.


More info on logging in. Instructional videos.
MySite is a personal onsite portal to My Documents when you are working remotely. For example, on the weekend, you can download a Powerpoint, edit, and then upload it to view in the classroom on Monday.

OneNote What is it?

It's similar to a wiki, but can operate just on your files on your computer, OR on the server in Student Activities OR on Sharepoint.

It is MS Office's notebook (Livebinders?) with subpages, Features Quick Filing and wiki-like linking, You can synch it to your devices and share notebooks with others to access from any location.

Start > Programs > Office > OneNote

The Cloud

Diigo social bookmarking

Diigo Help Video tutorial

Take your bright_yellow_star.pngFavorites wherever you go, on whatever device.
Install the Digolet (here at school) and easily bookmark any web sites to your Diigo online account.
Keep up with Diigo news on the blog (how to use with your ipad, Chrome, etc.)
Use Diigo groups to pull together a group list of web pages around a group topic. Teacher-librarians for example. Or, cell phones in education
Export your IE Favorites to Diigo. Before you do, make sure you are not exporting any private/GCS sites.

Google Docs

Training for beginnners and advanced users from Amy Todd, of TechnoIntegration


Like a classic 3-ring binder you might keep on your desk, this online binder allows you to gather favorite web pages and files, categorize and share with others. Students can build their own online "textbook" or teachers can build online units. If you like binders, try this tool. One of AASL's Top 25 resources in 2010.

Embed your binder on your web page/blog/wiki.
Video introduction

Sample Livebinder for SnapWiki

Organization Tools from Cool Tools for Schools

Your favorites?