Food for Thought
"An interesting article from the NY Times in which it is claimed that repeated testing is a good way to learn"
"To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test" is about retrieval practice testing. Moodle's testing features could provide help. (contributed by Kim)
Pew Internet Study on teen cell phone use
Teens and facebook/email use
11 Techy Things for Teachers to Try this Year
A literature review of the use of Web. 2.0 tools in higher education by
Prof. GrĂ¡inne Conole and Dr. Panagiota Alevizou (contributed by Traci)
I read this article this morning and thought it was interesting since we are dealing with 21st century learners
Will Richardson's list of skills 21st Century learners will need. (contributed by Jessica)
Clickers in the classroom (Higher Ed) (contributed by Traci)
Teaching with ipods (contributed by Will)
Twenty-first century librarian?
A cool voicethread discussion between Kelly Gallagher ('Readicide') and Susan Cooper ('Making History Mine') about how they use current event articles in the English and Social Studies classroom, respectively. (contributed by Jessica). I would like to hear from history teachers who do use current events articles in their classroom, since I am currently using Kelly Gallagher's Article of the Week idea in my English classes. I wonder if there might be overlap and also how teachers structure the activity.