A Picture is Worth...

Teen Tech Week - March 4-10 Geek Out @ your library Ideas for the week?

Robotics team exhibitionlogolores.gif
How to fix your Facebook Timeline
Twitter tips
Privacy issues
Social media
Online gaming
The history of video games - museum walk
Hacking a Wi
Online game creators (Alice, Scratch)
Showcase student-created digital music, video, games

Visual bookmarking


Infographics as a Creative Assessment from Kathy Schrock on Vimeo.

On your computer

  • Using Microsoft Word to create Infographics. Create placeholders for selected text and select SmartArt to create graphics.

Educator tools

Coming tools to create your own infographics

    • Coming soon
      • Visual.ly - Upload your infographics, tools coming.
      • infogr.am - Make charts, infographics (coming soon.)

Try this! Create your own

Creating the lesson plan for an infographic assignment from Schrock

Data from Census 1940-2010: How Has America Changed?
Infographic from Census 1940-2010: How Has American Changed?
Scale of the Universe 2 Use scroll bar to enter "out" of space

New standards (draft format) for Teacher-Librarians and Technology Facilitators

This Twitter World

#superbookbowl on Twitter - book trash talking on the Twitterverse during Super Bowl. What will you tweet during the Oscars?

For the Love of Books

This takes 15 min. but is well worth the time, if you love books or great animation.