Make a giant poster from an image 8.5 X 11 for free. Upload images, decide how many pages, it creates a .pdf that you can print.
Loads of digital poster makers. Shows Glogster posters in classroom. More Glogster posters
Teacher Librarian Ning
Visual thesaurus similar to The Visual Thesaurus (subscription of 19.95 a year)
A teacher's Prezi-tation about a solar system assignment
A great site with lots of resources for teachers.
This site allows you to create a virtual museum box.
Quizlet lets you make online flash cards.
Learning event generator -- place your topic in one box and spin the wheel to choose a random way to express that topic and build a lesson.
Slideshare -- share your Powerpoints over the web.
Make music even if you don't have the voice you want.
Projector to screen to use laptop while viewing instructional dvd short clips to stimulate discussion and analysis and synthesis without breaking copyright laws.