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Goal: To increase technology integration in the classroom and throughout the learning process. All technology should enhance learning and not be "technology for technology's sake."
  • Meet monthly after school, disseminate minutes and materials to help teachers use new technologies in their classrooms.
  • Develop a teacher "expertise" pool for sharing technology integration lessons.
  • Team will serve as Media Advisory Committee
Team candidates
  • will be willing to meet monthly after school
  • will be open to learning, researching, and using new technologies in their classrooms
  • will contribute to technology purchase decisions in the building
  • will champion and disseminate information/skills to PLCs and colleagues throughout the building
  • will respect and support the ideas of all team members
  • will be patient with the learning curve experienced by less tech-friendly teachers

Stevenson H.S. Power Rangersmodel
Staff development links
Think, Pair, Share "What do I want to Know?"

Technology integration links
Deborah Natoli's portal for technology integration
Joyce Valenza's New Tools Workshop

The coaching model
Coaching for a Change from Jamie McKenzie, (From Now On)

1st meeting Thursday, Nov. 18 at 4 pm in media center.

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